Find Me in Florida Again.

Welcome to Florida during another one of balmy Winter seasons! This is the season where we enjoy balmy Florida sunsets and sunrises, depending on which side of the state you are on. Weather during December, January, Feb., and March is 40s at night, and 60s and 70s during the day. Residents steer clear of crowded Themeparks during the holidays. We have sense. Don't say we didn't warn you. This is not summertime. Ask a resident how we live here. Answers will be various yet the same. Life is different here than "up north" or "out west". Enjoy the gifts of God, we do!Forget about what you should do and just live and try not to be rigid. The sun is shining. Look up and smile. We do.

So what was my last post on here all about? Here’s a tiny explaination.

What was my last big deal post on here all about?  I will try to explain without revealing names.  I would love to reveal names or a name but there is always that libel thing and well,  my hub is a lawyer and there is also that confidentiality thing.   The Florida Bar put that in our face.

And there is that trying to  run a legal office on a next to nothing shoestring budget. And most of the times we run it without an office per se.  We go to them and pass the savings on to them.   Yeah,  you can laugh.  But even under the daunting circumstances we are DOING IT.  Just how I don’t know but we are still alive and breathing and there are people that are going to be helped.     

I wonder how superficial women who run when it gets tough would act under these circumstances?   I bet a week of poker games they would have been gone way back in early February.  I knew one such woman once.  In fact,  I knew  a whole bunch of those people.   One lady told me to give up because  my now hub “didn’t have his act together”.  She said this while we were dating long term.   Sorry honey,  she is no longer a lawyer.  Why?  Well,  she went off and got impatient did stuff that you do when you are impatient and don’t think about your actions because “Ooooo my Gawwwwwddd.”   That’s when you work for something and get OMG and the actions make your OMG too real because you are saying OMG too much and well,  it is gone for you because you didn’t think. And then you loose, honey.    (*I didn’t name names).  Ha!

Holy %$^&*!!!!  Yeah,  I wrote that.

And I am explaining that while life is not easy,  it is worth it and yes,  you have to hang in there and laugh a bit.

And another thing:  while I didn’t really want to be working in my hub’s legal field for the time being,  I have learned a few things or two dealing with people I would not normally deal with.  I learned greater editing skills also.

And one last thing.  I just filed a case that I did the intake on.  A client will be helped finally.  Justice will be served.  Someone else will smile and well,  so will I.   So whether there is a shoestring budget or not,  we still get it done.

I can hear the superficial people now.  “OMGawwwwd, you don’t have someone to waterrrrr your plants in a bigg empty offficccce?  I am soooooo out of like herrrrre.  OmGawwwwd,  I don’t want to thiiiiiinkah and I am outta herrrreah.”

Yeah honey sweetie go pay your rent.  I don’t have that.

More reflections on this Lent thing… taking a break for a few days this week from it all. I deserve it after dealing with it.

One sentence:   I have to say this in one sentence.  I am sooo ahead of most people on this Lenten thing because of what my hub and I have had to undergo because of that someone who stole from us.  I am not apologizing for saying this and if they had to do what we had to do to get over this, they WOULD NOT LAST TWO MINUTES.

I AM NOT BEARING THIS CROSS BECAUSE IT WAS A CRIME THAT WAS DONE to us.  No clergyman or religious is going to tell us what to do in the middle of it.  It WAS NOT DONE TO THEM.  I AM ALMOST READY TO SAY BLEEP Lent after what has happened.   Throw my bleep out.

But as to those picky sticky people who stick Lent in my face here:  I have read all or most of the books that you have not read and they don’t do what they say they are doing for Lent and only do “IT” WHEN PEOPLE ARE LOOKING.

And to that guy at Texas A&M who a long time ago suggested that I and everyone else “HAVE A FOOD WITHOUT SEASONING LENT”  I AM telling him to shove it.  Yeah,  I wrote that and I would love to see wimp face give up and make do with what we have had to do since January 25th, which was three weeks before Lent.    I wish I still had that address of that campus minister who wrote that in 2007 and put him through with what I have had to go through.

I can see him crying when I say “Survivors REady”.

Shove it sinners.  I am ahead.  You ARE STINKING BEHIND.

I don’t really like being like this but I can’t wait to be able to talk about this too.

So I am saying bleep on Lent this week and having a minor Spring Break.   Minor?  Taking a couple of days to chill and enjoy the weather.

Hub and I are waiting for a few things to fly through and well,  there is a ahem bleep at the end of the tunnel.


There are things I wish I could talk about at 51… but being on the other end of something that was done to me at 28 is funny.

There are things I wish I could talk about at 51… but being on the other end of something that was done to me at 28 is funny.

I am not naming names but oh,  how I wish I could.  It is weird being on the other end of what I used to think was awful.

But I cannot say what it is, just that it is weird to be hitting the button for this.  And I can hear those scrupulous bloggers now:  I can’t believe you did that or in their accent theeeeeaaayhht.  Please tell them to shut up.

I am so glad I can’t tell them what it is.  And while they are saying it,  my pointy finger is in the air and twilling around AND I AM WALKING AWAY ON THE BEACH AWAY FROM THEM.   And the birds with the black heads that are seagulls are hitting them with their elimination on the head.  So special. 

My mother may or may not know what it is,  but she is not on here and well, she is not talking.  But she is laughing.  And given the same amount of time,  she will be in her area twilling her finger around on a beach and walking away.  I am going to tell her.

It is just what Florida people do at this time of the year.

Tell ya what,   this is the time of the year when we are just about SICK OF TOURISTS AND SNOWBIRDS WHO suck up our streets and clog our roads.  In some towns,  the population goes up about 75 percent.  In my new town,  it goes up about 45 percent or more.   Most of them are Canadians and border town people.  No one wants to move here.

But I guess I will get to their age one day.   And I always say this:  if the people get down here and finally move from up there and run out of money,  we are not helping you.

But there are a few nice Canadians. I stress the word few.   If they don’t return,  they loose their health insurance.  They look at Fox New’rs and other weirdo blogger conserve Americans and conserve American Catholics as “you are out of your mind,  eh?”

But it is weird to have had the opportunity to do something today that was done to me in th1990s.  I am not scrupulous about it ANYMORE.   If you know me,  ask me what it is.  I may tell you in person out loud.  Other that this,  I can’t and won’t because it of what it is.

It is just the way it is.

Here’s a bullet list of my Lenten learnings. I may be progressive, but I am learning new things to make me a better person. So?

Ok,  it is Lent.  As promised I can tell what is going on that is so so awful.   I can tell a little while my hub goes out to get his meat sandwich and my sushi.   Yes,  he the diabetic Florida lawyer Catholic EATS MEAT ON FRIDAY AND DOES nice things for other people and clients.   And if you think we rich,  those clients may or may not be on payment plans for certain someones to get the job done for them.

So here’s the list:

  • I am learning patience.  Being huffy and stuffy and not human enough for people to approach you when you have an education just plain,  pardon my word:  SUCKS.
  • More patience:  nothing happens when you want it to happen.  It WILL HAPPEN BUT NOT when you want it. 
  • Old bosses leave and well,  even they get fired.   Finally,  our old Hillsborough Tampa superintendent Mary Ellen Elia is leaving today.   There is hope.   This woman has stolen at least 4 million from the school system.   And today is her last day.   There had to be a last day.  Locally,  there are people who are angry about her being fired last month.   She used to harp that teachers didn’t get laid off and got raises, but she still continued to make over $200K  a year not counting her bonuses and other money.   As a trained educator,   JUSTICE IS FINALLY BEING SERVED. 
  • And I am learning still more patience and how to be flexible.  There is no way I could ever actually live here in Florida and BE RIGID.   It is too hot to be rigid.   People,  you have to go with the flow and accept somethings like working with people to get the end result because in the end you DO GET THE END RESULT.
  • In the end, IT THE AWFUL WORKS OUT.
  • And this:  a certain someone who I cannot name ahem ahem cough cough  stole from us  early this year.  I know for sure that we are not the only ones in our part of the world  that is mad at this party.   What goes around comes around for con artists.   Duck out all  you want,  but we are not alone.   There are others pissed off as well.
  • Just wait until  later this year  for this individual  to slide into others.   News at 11 pm.  We are not alone.
  • My Lent was having to deal with this .
  • TOLERANCE AND TOLERANCE OF OTHERS WHO ARE different from you is a plus.   Make sure folks that we understand that.   Unless you are a twin,  and even they look and act micro-different  in their own way,  you are not the cookie cutter you seek to be.
  • It may be tough to be the Lawyer’s wife that works with the hub.   I cannot talk about their stuff at all.  But the it is no joke that it is worth it  to help others in secret,  even when they pay you.
  • It is not easy to NOT WORK in a regular office.  We are a very non trad solo practice law office.  We do not sit at a desk all day.    Most of the old ladies  that I go to church with would not survive because they would need someone to tell them what to do 24/7.  I have to be self directed and take risks and step out on a limb to get the job done.
  • I am learning and thinking about what kind of  person I would hire to replace me and do  what I do.   All I can say is this:   you had better have a college degree or be in your last year and have transcripts to prove it. Most Catholic bloggers from up north WOULD NEVER EVER DO WELL.  I need to hire someone who is either from NY and with it or someone who doesn’t get on their knees and pray the Rosary right at Noon when there is a client meeting coming up or the client is late.    I definitely would fire their uh,  holier than thou self.   You or this person would not get lunch right at Noon, but when we are done with the morning’s work.
  • I think I had better be patient with humanity this Lent and quit worrying how these hypocrites  would point baseball bats at my Lawyer hub and say he is going to hell n a handbasket  because he eats meat on Friday during Lent.  I so want to make sure these Mrs. Singsongy voices understand what a coma is if he eats certain things.
  • Sushi is good bought at Publix.   It is eaten with chopsticks.
  • My lunch comes in and my sushi is outside on the picnic table outside the local library where we do research for cases.

Got that?

ST MEN AND WOMEN ARE AND ARE NOT DIFFERENT: see what 147 unemployed people do with their day. MUST SEE

It is already Spring in Florida, I have been working too hard and dreaming of doing this today. I need a Spring break, not a Lent.

Snorkeling at Blue Springs State Park was a crowded no go yesterday, but we went to DeLeon Springs, west of DayTona Beach.

It may be Lent in my culture and all that Catholic jazz,  but since it is getting hot in Florida now and the weather has JUMPED INTO THE MID 80S,  I NEED A SPRING BREAK TRIP TO A COLD COLD Florida spring.   How cold? 65 deg F. 

I have my favorite springs.  Ahh,  and after I may or may not reveal the tough year we have been having,  you may or may not wonder why I am not THERE ALREADY.

But here are my favorite springs:

Click here for another site to see where this best kept Florida secret is.

1  Ginnie Springs

2.   Blue Springs Volusia County

3.   Deleon Springs Volusia County

4.   Any springs in the Ocala National Forest.  Silver Glen and Alexander Springs are my favorite.

5.   Wekiwa Springs off of Interstate 4 near Casselberry, Florida on the other side of I-4 near the Atlantic side.

6.   Rainbow Springs and Fanning Springs.  This is the closest to Tampa.



Twenty nine years after the fact: my story to come about how I survived in Florida. What? they are laying people off in the Newspaper I used to work at

Mmmmm,  this next post in the next few days is going to be the one I have always wanted to do.

That stat of limitations is over with on what I am going to say and share.

You all are going to like this one folks.   I am not going to wait until Lent is over with for me to share what is going on. 

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile,  I am going to work out and enjoy my life.