Find Me in Florida Again.

Welcome to Florida during another one of balmy Winter seasons! This is the season where we enjoy balmy Florida sunsets and sunrises, depending on which side of the state you are on. Weather during December, January, Feb., and March is 40s at night, and 60s and 70s during the day. Residents steer clear of crowded Themeparks during the holidays. We have sense. Don't say we didn't warn you. This is not summertime. Ask a resident how we live here. Answers will be various yet the same. Life is different here than "up north" or "out west". Enjoy the gifts of God, we do!Forget about what you should do and just live and try not to be rigid. The sun is shining. Look up and smile. We do.

Another Saturday stuck at one of our last Estate Sales in our garage here at OUR HOUSE. Here’s what is left… mostly.

I don’t want to say it but here goes,  I have only a small amount of stuff to get rid of here.  If you are wondering what I have to get rid of here’s the list.

But before the list,  people want to know how much we have made in 6 months time.  I would say about $1,000 in total. Yeah,  about $1,000 or more in total.

But here’s the list of what is left:

1. One  sofa and chair set.  It comes with an end table and matching lamp $300.00

2  One end table and matching coffee table.   $90

3.  Full table of glassware I have no room for.  various prices

4.  one dish set $10.

5.   baskets  $5 each.

6.   watches 2 for $10.

7.   TV stand with wheels  $25

8.  bookcase  $25

9  antique ashtray $15 (*I don’t smoke)

10.  2 patio tables $5 each.

11.  Golf clubs of various sizes.

12.  kitchen chairs.  $35 for the whole set.

13.  steel chairs $10 for the whole thing.

14.  One old lamp.  $5

15.   2 wall hangings $5 for both

16.  kitchen utensils

17.  plated silver dishes

18.   old espresso machine.

19 Crock pots

20.   mixers

21.  other stuff…. books and videos….

In case you were wondering what the fuss is all about. 

Take my advice,  it has taken soo much patience to rid this stuff before we renovate.  I have always believed that it is better not to have a lot of stuff you don’t need.  You will not have to move it around before you renovate.

Dear bishops of the USCCB; you need to do something for LENT FOR THESE NCregister WEIRDO FOLKS. Not joining the Girl Scouts is not normal.


I have four daughters who I did not let join the Girl Scouts.  I didn’t want them to be corrupted by the immoral underpinnings of this organization.


I gather it is the Adult Girl Scout Leaders of the Girl Scouts who are directing funds to promote abortion.  SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on them!


Christians need not patronize any organization that advocates for evil. This is permissiveness of evil. No Girl Scout cookies for me.


American Heritage Girls is a Christian alternative to the Girl Scouts.


I will assume that your comments regarding Girl Scout policies have the best intentions. Sadly, I cannot agree with your view. Nearer the end of my own Boy Scouting days in the early 90’s, I’d begun to realize that Boy Scouting policies were not as insistent about morals as I felt they should be. Progressing through the 90’s and 2000’s, I ultimately felt compelled to cease being involved with the program, especially after the vote to allow actively gay boys to be Scouts.
I have mostly the same difficulties with the stated policies of the Girl Scouts.

I followed the link you provided; this page merely provided the same statements about Girl Scout efforts that I’ve read before. For my purposes, these statements, especially regarding Girl Scout involvement with pro-abortion organizations, has been effectively debunked. For my purposes, Girl Scouting USA intends to promote abortion, however oblique such efforts may be.
I do not have any confidence that monies given to local Girl Scout troops for cookies will remain focused on providing for appropriate activities for girls. Some of it will mostly likely end up advocating for abortion.

If anyone wishes to support their local girls in Scouts, I strongly recommend you simply make a donation of a few dollars directly to the troop.
This way, the local troop can monitor where the funds go.


I usually just give the adult leader with them a few bucks and say “keep this with your unit to put towards the girls’ Scouting adventure”.  Admonishing the girls for the sins of their national organization is not going to accomplish anything and you’d be wandering into their parent’s domain anyway (principle of subsidiarity).


Adults talking & encouraging children’s sexuality & access to abortion products, reminds me of the pedophile or pederast who doesn’t want any evidence of his crimes, just the painful memories.
Abortion clinics everywhere are painful reminders of sin, pain, & despair. Of lives torn limb from limb & people’s souls scarred to their very marrow.
So it is sinful & scandalous for adults to warp children’s minds & souls, for abortion or as they like to call it,“reproductive rights”. Methinks that they act like they are in a third world Islamic wonderland where 7 & 8 year olds are regularly married off to 30-60 year old men rather than a country where all are free to worship Christ & His Father according to their own creed.


Kind of similar to the little boy handling the gun when the “russian spy” was shot in the head by an ISIS child. Using girl scouts to pull the trigger on the satanic gun supporting abortion and supposedly mature women and mothers applauding it like the ISIS murderer male image standing next to the young boy just like the devil himself… but I won’t drag the CIA into this blog!


Our daughters were Girl Scouts when they were younger, about the time this menacing aspect was creeping into the Girl Scouts.  Not only are we losing our unborn daughters to the evil of abortion, but what about the women who have to suffer the effects of abortion for the rest of their lives?  Or the fact that this ideology supports the “using” of our young women and daughters by men for sexual pleasure or advocates the “using” of men by women for love through sex?  The utilitarian aspect of our over-sexualized culture is having disastrous effects on all relationships.  This is truly an evil element that has crept into an otherwise healthy organization and a true call for mothers who are leaders and others to stand up and call for change. It is not the time to deny that it exists or rationalize this agenda by vilifying those who challenge it. It is the time for reform!!!


As a current Girl Scout leader, it makes me very sad that there are still so many people out there overwhelmingly underinformed about CURRENT policies in Girl Scouts. I encourage anyone that wishes to keep themselves informed to actually get their information directly from the source, instead of relying on a 3rd party and biased website –

All that aside, we understand that not everyone will choose to support Girl Scouts and will choose to not buy cookies. Just say “no, thank you” and move on. Do NOT ever try to use this as a “teachable moment” with girls – that is extremely inappropriate and 95% of the girls approached in this manner have never even heard the word abortion. The only thing is accomplishes is to make the girl and the adult chaperone feel threatened.


Don’t the leaders of the organization realize that they would have no girls to join the Girl Scouts if the girls had been aborted before birth?  Aborted children will never walk on this earth.


More cookies for me.


The issue with GS Cookies is a real problem We live in a small town with only a few Girl Scouts and feel somewhat obligated to purchase a box from each girl. I know the issues with the GS and PP, but these girls will be out of GS’s in a few years and hopefully the mother keeps the girls within the faith. There are other options for GS’s and if you feel that strongly against the GS’s start another group.


Two super-smiley older Girl Scouts appeared at my front door Sunday asking me to buy their cookies. I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t; I don’t support Girl Scouts.” They didn’t ask me why, just kept smiling and wished me a good day, and I was too busy to use the “teachable moment”. Maybe next time.


Thank you for this.
We heard about the general drifting of values in Girl Scouts years ago & did not join. It only seems to have gotten worse.
I’d like to think there are better alternatives like 4-H. Unless they’ve gone over to the dark side, too.At least they sell healthier stuff for fund raising. Here its sweet ‘taters & strawberries.


To Stephanie Armstrong-Helton: Don’t YOU understand the epidemic of abortion, i.e. the slaughter 57 million unborn babies since 1973? And actually – no shame goes to Ann Saladin – but shame on you for supporting a GIRLS organization that funds and promotes pro-abortion organizations to our precious daughters.


It is hard to believe that the Girl Scouts are pro-abortion when any abortion affects 75% women. Only half the babies are male but all the mothers are female. If you include gender based abortion, this figure sky rockets. This is just shameful to promote the culture of death to young girls.


Shame on you…ANN SALADIN.

I find it very difficult to understand how organized you under the guise of the organized Catholoic Faith can be against something so vital for the growth and advancement of girls and women. Don’t you understand the epidemic of human trafficking? Is it just me, or is there something inheritantly wrong with attacking an organization for providing training and support to girls so that they might be educated enough to avoid the brutalities of this world-wide activity? Or, is it just a matter of constanting attacking and never finding value in other groups based on one’s own narrow view? There has to be a middle ground. In the meantime, as a Catholic and a past Girl Scouts leader, I’ll need to increase my order of cookies this year!


When this was written, many were still not listening. Seeing NCRegister share the information makes me smile. Are we finally getting somewhere? Thank you!!!


Kudos to Ann Saladin for warning pro-life people about supporting the Girl Scouts.  Too bad such a generally respected organization often succeeds in hiding its pro-abortion leanings—and GSUSA isn’t the only one.  What about The March of Dimes, CARE and Salvation Army?  Let’s hope Ms. Saladin and others will spread the word about any wolves in sheep’s clothing who seek our donations.


Please pray that our Bishops will wake up to the world around them & stop the Girl Scouts from using Jesus’ Holy Churches from selling those over-priced & poor quality cookies, especially on Sundays. It seems to me that all priests & bishops should know just what is in the Bible & why Jesus threw the sellers, etc. out of His Temple.  +JMJ+


I often see the GS girls with their tables set up in front of the grocery and other businesses that I frequent.

I often wonder what is the best way to say “no”. Just say “no thank you” and keep going, or say the reason why I cannot support GS. I certainly don’t want to put them on the defensive, yet there is a desire on my part to have a “teaching moment” but only if it can be done in a peaceful way…I don’t want a shouting match nor to have my position be used as a moment for the adults to say “see…that woman is just a pro-life nut…” as that would only make them more staunch in what they are doing.


Thanks for the excellent documentation. It’s time for all Catholic parishes to say NO THANK YOU to the Girl Scouts.


I was a Girl Scout leader for seven years.  My mother and grandmother were too.  In fact, my grandmother had five daughters, which is enough for a troop.  I wanted my daughters to be in Girl Scouts through High School, but after I found this out a few years ago, I made the painful decision to cut myself out of a family tradition and a worldwide organization that could have been a resume builder for my girls. 

In addition to the pro-abortion agenda, they also allow transgender “girls” into GS.  Knowing what I know about GS safety policies, it cemented my decision.  First off, all a boy has to do is say he identifies as female to be allowed in.  Girl Scouts can be up to 17 years old.  When we go camping, at least in the councils I have volunteered in, girls have to sleep in tents with adults nearby, but not in the same tents (to remove suspicion of abuse.)  So, well within policy could be a 17 year old boy sleeping in a tent with your daughter with no adult in sight.  Just say no to Girl Scouts.


When I was a Girl Scout (back in the ‘60’s) it was a good organization for young girls to be a part of. Our troop leaders were honorable women of faith & tried to pass along good, wholesome family values as part of scouting. The activities were enjoyable…crafts, field trips, nature hikes, camping. It is a shame that nowadays children are being used as pawns to propagate political agendas. What is also disheartening is that the March of Dimes organization as well as the United Way also provide funding to Planned Parenthood. It’s unfortunate that even those who work there or volunteer are unaware of it.


And there are still parishes deeply involved in girl scouts.


The Girl Scouts have been involved in pro-abotion activites since establishing their “Becoming A Woman” program over ten years ago.  The wonder of it all is that there are any Catholic parishes still affiliated with them.  As pointed out in this article, there are many alternatives.

Read more:


Happy Ash Wednesday people. No I have not been to church just yet. I am going at 7 pm tonight, singing with the choir.

 I have a house now.   I have a house that is paid for.  It needs serious renovations.

It is still sinking in.   I have no further comment.  If it is job related,  your name is not on it.

That is why there are no pictures of it during my lunch hour.

I have better things to do.

It is OFFICIAL: Feb 17, 2015 — We now have a house in our name. FAT TUESDAY OF ALL DAYS. I am going to like Lent this year.

It is OFFICIAL:  Feb 17, 2015 — We now have a house in our name.  FAT TUESDAY OF ALL DAYS.  I am going to like Lent this year.   Bring on the renovations.  It is time to get rid of that nasty wall in the living room. 

It was a long ride to the Pinellas County Courthouse this morning.  No more paying rent or anything like that such as a mortgage.  Truth is:  I chose NOT TO HAVE ONE.  I am going to think about this for a while. 

I had tears in my eyes.  Yes, I am admitting that to the world.  I had to wait until I was 51 years old to OFFICIALLY GET A HOUSE WITH MY NAME ON IT.   I chose not to go into debt big time after loosing a car in 1987. 

Know what?   The oddity of it was that since we were married in 1998,  we had number 98 on the waiting ticket at the clerk’s office.  Don’t think I didn’t see this little ironic oddity.  And the actual clerk was someone that I had temporarily worked for while trying to drum up enough money to pay rent when I was in my late 20s.  I worked as a temp during the years my now late father was very sick in Tampa.   She took one look at my driver’s license and was laughing while typing it.  Then,  she looked at me laughing while trying to train a new person how to do her job. 

Even my husband had his mouth open.  He was staring into space when we got back into the car.  Then he got out and looked at the parking meter in the garage.  It still had another half hour on it.  So cheers to the next person who gets a half hour of free parking on us. 

As a tribute to my Dad,  I hyphenated my maiden name on the Florida house deed.  I had to do something.  My mouth was open too.  It was just as big as the day I got married or got into college or graduated or stuff like that.

What is even funnier was when I got into the car,  the US National Anthem was playing on the country station.  All I could think about was this:  I own a piece of America now.  And I had to laugh because since I am now a tax payer,  I took a piece of loose roll of toilet tissue when I went to the ladies room.  Why not?  I paid for it.  I am not going to pay for that again and I don’t want to have to buy another roll at Publix on the way home. 

Yeah, I am admitting it.  And yeah,  I am laughing about it.  If you had your house paid off and inherited one,  you would more than likely be screaming on the way out the door.  I was more subdued.  I didn’t want them to haul my ass away.  And some young lady or young man needs an extra half hour of free parking to boot. 

Thank you Harry my FIL.  Thank you that now,  I have a place to call my home.  Nice part is this:  I came out of the worst recession since the Great Depression with a house instead of loosing one like many others did.