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EWtn Register is at it AGAIN : THEY ARE trying to restate what Pope Francis said. Like it or not, read what I wrote in the op column about their lack of balance and common sense

Posted by Jeanne in Florida on Friday, Jan 30, 2015 1:45 PM (EST):

Why are you even writing about this in the first place?  I guess it is necessary for all you EWTN overstated bloggers to not have common sense, be upset and HAVE TO RESTATE EVERYTHING BECAUSE Pope Francis DID NOT NOT NOT SAY IT EXACTLY IN Latin with the right accent that you dictated.
Sorry,  the church and the current Argentinian Pope will not ever do what you want them to do. Nothing will be good enough.  You all are in your OWN PURGATORY ALREADY BECAUSE of your dissatisfaction with this.  People are catechized CORRECTLY.  You all are the elitist ones. Read what else he said RECENTLY:

Do you all need to go back to school and get another theology degree printed out by you all?  Sorry, but Jesus spoke Aramaic, not latin or Greek.

Be responsible.  Two words.  Another two words: common sense.  Do you have any?  Three words: The Ruth Insititue? What are you trying to cover up?  I am not trying to cover up anything. I grew up in the South east where people knew our faith and our churches are growing.

Common sense.  Do you have any?  Some of us are wondering.

One more thing:  if you are insecure and watching for the Pope to incorrectly BURP another word that you have to restate don’t bother.
There is such a need for balance in the understanding of this. But what is balance?  Maybe you all in your insecurity against balance will never ever see this.  Everything is an obligation to you all. In obligation there is not complete love.  No completa de amor es que Papa Francisco se hace el Puente. Se comprende?

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