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Christmas/Advent 2014: my thoughts and floating on the bathroom floor.

We have a house and it has been one of those years.  Now we have to pay for EVERYTHING.   

I just put my tree up  on Sunday night.   I was getting into the Christmas spirit of things.

And just this morning,  the water backed up on the bathroom floor.  I needed about 20 towels to sop up the water.  It is just stuff like this that does make me want to say, “Bah Humbug” and spit on Scrooge. I told you all that just because I have a house that is paid for that other things get in the way.

It is always something.   It is always something.

And this is why I haven’t been blogging that much.  Life is getting in the way.  Looney potential law clients get in the way. You would not believe some of the calls we get.  Senile old people calling from old people’s condos stating how they can’t stand the younger people in the condo and yes this minute they want to sue and no another minute they don’t and well,  even after we come down on the price of a start of a legal action it is “too  much” and “I had better not make waves and they won’t like me.”   And then there is the alleged old friend who sets up an appointment and then cancels, but that money was supposed to be the cash for a major utility bill that needed to be paid asap.  And then there is the weird other alleged old friend who adds me on Facebook and then chimes in that “I am going  to hell  during the three days of Catholic darkness.”   She reads that weirdo site,  “ ”  all the time.   When as the last time she read playing nice to others, the Bible and the Catechism or  the Christmas story?

I don’t think people realize that when they cancel  even after you mark it down, that service professionals are left holding everything.  Where is it going to come from this month?  You all do not think of others.

Christmas to you is a superficial ordeal where you buy stuff.  It is not  about the deep relationship you can have with the God as you see him.

I have to be honest here.   This is not a Madison Avenue superficial  Christmas.  Sorry….   And I am not going to be a Veruca like on Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory.  There is so so much pressure to buy buy buy.  I am not one of those superficial women who tells her hub come “here here here”.   And if I “don’t get a ring ring ring, I am gone gone gone”  and if “I don’t get all that money,  I am out of here.” 

what kind of people are you anyhow?

I have chosen that no matter what I am not NOT NOT GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE ladies  — ever.  I am going to try and not be one of those  ladies who have a serious amount of ADHD and a serious lack of social skills.

I even had one of them come up to me while  I was walking in or  out of church.  She was snarky and worse was  she goes like she is better,  ” need a job? ”   She  adopted a daughter years ago and now is a single parent and divorced.  I wonder why…….    She verbally battered the guy.  I don’t feel sorry for her.   No social skills.  And no,  I don’t

I have to get this out of my system.  These hypocrites are not going to ruin my holiday.

No  way even as I sop up the water on OUR bathroom floor.  The bathtub backed up and that’s how the water got on the floor.   These superficial ladies would more  than have smoke coming out their ears and  be yelling  and yelling and threatening  divorce,  but since I did not and just  got out all our towels and sopped it all up,   I kicked your egos to hypocritical hell  where you belong.

I love being able to do this .   I love they could not handle this.

Tell you what,  I did  and can .   I am not yelling  and the house is still mine  and ours.


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