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ST Getting to the core of the matter: thoughts on a free inherited house and a Master bedroom renovation that may take almost forever

For those of you who think:  ooooo Gee… she doesn’t have kids or diapers and looks a very young 51…. 

I have other problems in this and with this inherited house.  What problems? 

We moved here  in June and because of the need for renovation in the house’s Master bedroom and bathroom,  we now stay in another room.

Hey I like showing what is real here.  We use the room now for a store room for books and other stuff. And at least I don’t pay for a storage unit.  And at least I am not  cringing and crying 24/7 /365 that “honey honey honey I demand that we reno this room… nowwwwww” like some of those women would do so.  Face it,  we have no debt when it comes to this house.  And it is going to stay that way.

But just in case you think that I have it made, here are the photos of the before of a late In-laws Master bedroom and bathroom.  We are not in there now because the room smells like smoke because my FIL was a heavy smoker.  Being that I never smoked a day in my life,  it is more than noticeable and well needs quite a bit of re re ra do in there.

Here goes: 

Here is the core of the issue. Hey I may eat oranges sometimes, but I like apples also.


At the top of the list when and after FIL died was to rid the bathroom of that nasty wallpaper that I ripped off the wall last year, the day after Thanksgiving.  I did that because I knew we were going to get the house.



FIX THE BEDROOM AND THE BATHROOM.  What would those bloggers do?  Say, “Oooo dear!” Then, they usually make a face.  Then,  they more than likely figure it wouldn’t be uh, lady like to do anything.  So do nothing.

Sorry, folks I hope this matter and know this matter will be resolved.


Remember the above monolith DOES NOT WORK FOR ANY REASON.  And so far ,  they have refused to give us any refund whatso ever!  We are stuck with it and cannot remove it.  It is sitting there and keeping us from renovating what is ours.  

So far,  I pulled the carpet up.



I must know what does a person do with a closet they don’t know what to do with? And how do you get that thing off the door without ruining the door?


Above is what this Master bedroom is like now.  There is no carpet in there now and we cannot use it.  We are storing our books in there now until we get new bookcases and get an estimate for how much this renovation of this Master bedroom is going to be.

My dream room would be to get a refund from that nasty tub and make the bath bigger all the way into the closet.  I want a double sink,  a bath and a shower.  Instead of a wall,  I think a glass block wall would let light into it.  So? It is not pinterest but just wait until it is done done done.  For the floor we are going to use tile, because tile is better when there is a leak.  Rule of thumb in Florida,  always plan for a leak.  Wood floors buckle, but tile is better because there is stone in the tile. It is easier to fix also.


So sometime this week, we are going to get rid of that nasty nasty curtain.  My dream is also to put French doors in place of the sliding glass door.  NO matter what I could and still can see a view of the pool out on the patio and backyard every morning.

I am grateful but there is a lot to do in there.  I and we should have it all done by next spring.  Hopefully by Easter it will be done.

Yes,  I am going to choose to be patient and not bleep and moan about it.  That way I get more points.  And that way I can watch everyone else make faces to show that they do not have what it takes to be patient.  Hey, don’t lie I know you do that.


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