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I called This Catholic Illinois group PRICKY AND MEAN TO GAY PEOPLE AFTER THEY wrote to Cardinal Dolan in NYC my birthplace against gay people being

Good Morning:  

Click on this link below.  These people say they adhere to the Magisterium because they think they are the Magisterium.  

They sent a letter to Cardinal Dolan regarding his being master of  the St. Patricks parade where gay people are allowed to march.   Clink on the link below.

I love diversity because it is a New York thing.  

Then I read this letter.  These people think they are better than the average human.  Jesus hung around sinners.  Then, I should note  I just called 708 354-5373.  A lady picked up the phone.  I told her I was Jeanne from blog.  I have had this blog for 11 years.  I just saw your letter to Cardinal Dolan. 

“O yes,  we want to hold to the teachings of the faith,” she said,  hesitantly.  I don’t think she had her coffee YET.   

I should record this call.  I am a two time Franciscan grad.  

I said, ” you are pricky and mean to gay people.”  “You are the kind of people that throw kids out.” 

“That’s not true,” she said with a thick bleh midwestern accent.  

“Hey go read the Catechism where the church stands on this issue.” I said.  

She hung up on me.  Rudely and unprofessionally.  

Everyone should call this lady back and give her the pricky thing.  They are mean and think they are better. 

And yes, I did call.  And yes, they did hang up in a very unprofessional manner.  

Mean and prickiness LOOSES.  



Media Inquiries:

Mary Anne Hackett, President, via e-mail at INFO@CATHOLICCITIZENS.ORG orMAH348@ATT.NET

Media contact: (708) 354-5373


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