Find Me in Florida Again.

Welcome to Florida during another one of balmy Winter seasons! This is the season where we enjoy balmy Florida sunsets and sunrises, depending on which side of the state you are on. Weather during December, January, Feb., and March is 40s at night, and 60s and 70s during the day. Residents steer clear of crowded Themeparks during the holidays. We have sense. Don't say we didn't warn you. This is not summertime. Ask a resident how we live here. Answers will be various yet the same. Life is different here than "up north" or "out west". Enjoy the gifts of God, we do!Forget about what you should do and just live and try not to be rigid. The sun is shining. Look up and smile. We do.

I like to almost start trouble. It is a NY Southern thing or thang. I mowed in the 101 degree heat today. Read this Catholic bloggers. I take issue with your wimpy ways.

Plain and simple.  I think those  Pathos Catholic bloggers are a bunch of stinking wimps and cannot handle the excess heat. 

I think NOT ONE WOMAN WOULD MOW a knee high grass yard BY THEMSELVES.  ‘






You have 24 hours to make a 25 item list and get it done in 36 to 48 hours.  Otherwise,  I have proven myself right.  You are all wimpy.  

Got that???   Remember to wear a very thick sweater if it is not hot where you are.  I wore my swimsuit while I mowed because it was so hot.  






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I am a middle aged lady who is married 16 years. I grew up here in the Tampa Bay area. I am from NYC and LongIsland. I met my Chicago husband here. We have many adventures here and consider most viewpoints and love dialogue on all topics. Dialogue brings understanding and understanding brings hope.

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