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RT It is Saturday morning, we don’t have to do another Yard Garage Sale and we are waiting for my FIL’s estate to totally settle.


It is Saturday morning, we don’t have to do another Yard Garage Sale. We are waiting for my FIL’s estate to totally settle.  One thing this whole moving and the loss of someone teaches you is that life doesn’t run according to the way our impatience plans. 

We should be on the West Coast right now.   I shake my head.  It would have been nice to hang with the cousin-in-laws.  It would have been nice not to have to deal with estate people who buy clutter.  

My FIL had so much stuff that you would shake your head.  I am a minimalist in a sense that I don’t like nick nacks that you have to dust.  I have two:  one of a dachshund in the memory of my second dog, Ginger and an angel girl my dear hub thought looked like me and bought one day.   I barely keep those.  The less I have to dust the better!  

So the 2007 Lincoln is getting a new battery and a tuneup before we are able to sell it.  And the garage is full of wash and clutter.  Clutter to me is stuff I will never ever ever USE.  I hate having it around.  I don’t need it.  There are way too many kitchen gadgets that we don’t use.  We are going to donate them.  

And my hub the other day just threw his hands up and said he is tired of these cheapie people throwing change at us.  And we both are tired of  Yard Sale drive alongs where they see a sign and drive by your house when you are having a sale.  We mark some things and tell them how much something is but they offer a quarter for it.  We got tired of sitting in a hot garage and getting insulted.  We got tired of being nice to weird shaped people who do not take care of themselves.  

Sorry,  but in the light of my Fil’s service as a Chicago fireman and as a Navy veteran,  that is an INSULT.  We told those people to LEAVE ASAP.  

But there are “heroes”  to the whole estate thing.  Mr. Buchard of St Petersburg, Buchard’s Galleries and Mr. Manny, a local estate dealer are two.  They bought a lot of Pop’s stuff for an extremely fair price.  

And there was the unknown guy who said he moved from NY and showed up in a white truck out of nowhere on a Friday afternoon. He bought the patio furniture that I had out on the porch.  

There were so many incidents that could have gone worse. And there was an almost bad incident of selling a table and four chairs for $60 to a family.  I sold those on an online group garage sale on Facebook.  It was a he said she said thing.  The wife hated it after being told that there were scratches four times. And four times,  she said that was fine.  Her hub helped me carry it out while she stood outside in our driveway.  When we put it on the trailer dragged by their SUv,  she complained. But he had already paid for it.  She stood there stunned like “I have been ripped off.” This was after I told her that there were scratches on it.  She said four times that was ok.  But  when she got it home,  I had another lady in the group harrass me that I sold the other lady junk.  Needless to say,  I reported her.  I have since left the group.  I sold all that I wanted to sell.  Some of those people have uhh.. “issues”.  One minute they are happy about what they buy for nothing and the next minute they are “weirding  out.”

I am thankful that this is ALMOST OVER.  The local judge is about to sign off on the whole thing and it will be over — soon.   

Grief is weird. When someone dies you may or may not end up in a grief group to get support for your loss.  I may need therapy for this whole garage sale episode this summer.  But it made us both understand what people go through when you loose someone and have to muddle through what is leftover.  

Hopefully, you will not have to deal with many nick nacks and dust.   Dealing with the people who help you dust them and stuff like that can get on your nerves.  But you have to take the good dust with the bad.  

Give that judge a golden pen and get that judge some golden ink.  Do it now and fast!  


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