Find Me in Florida Again.

Welcome to Florida during another one of balmy Winter seasons! This is the season where we enjoy balmy Florida sunsets and sunrises, depending on which side of the state you are on. Weather during December, January, Feb., and March is 40s at night, and 60s and 70s during the day. Residents steer clear of crowded Themeparks during the holidays. We have sense. Don't say we didn't warn you. This is not summertime. Ask a resident how we live here. Answers will be various yet the same. Life is different here than "up north" or "out west". Enjoy the gifts of God, we do!Forget about what you should do and just live and try not to be rigid. The sun is shining. Look up and smile. We do.

The good, bad and ugly about that WW the bloggers do quiz has me laughing.

Ok,  so I made you all think.  It is the teacher and writer in me that is grinning.  Forget the smiling today. 


But if I know some of THEM,  they were too polite and made faces when I posed this quiz in the first place.   Tis was more like a hidden snarl they did in the bathroom because no one was looking.  How creepy of them.

I don’t think many of them are real.  They forget to be themselves and have insecurity issues.  They follow a script and do what any 1950s or pre WW II person would do because their mother dressed like Edith Bunker on that old TV show, “All in the Family” and or Mrs  C on “Happy Days”.  They never want to go further.  They have issues in relationships. 

But hey no one is perfect.  Just one thing:  don’t claim to be so.  Don’t have blogs with floweees and claim to be be perfect lactating Mommy bloggers who pray all day.

It is irritating and no one wants to read that trash. 

Just be like everyone else and blend in.   And don’t call your spouse a jerk behind his back or make that nasty face. 

I am not messing around and I just get sick of even the thought of all these so called good Catholic women giving the rest of us who don’t care about whether we are seen or viewed as good Catholic women or even the Baptist or Methodist women giving all of us a bad name because they think perfection looks like a scrapbooker or Mommy blogger. 

Get a job you freak.  Quit your welfare for religion you slacker and ex raver. 

There,  I wrote it.  Deal with it. 

I think you all need another deal with it quiz this weekend.  It will not be a pass, but a serious fail.

Get ready.

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I am a middle aged lady who is married 16 years. I grew up here in the Tampa Bay area. I am from NYC and LongIsland. I met my Chicago husband here. We have many adventures here and consider most viewpoints and love dialogue on all topics. Dialogue brings understanding and understanding brings hope.

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