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ST Another Estate Auction House acting Flaky and indecisive. Here’s who they are in Clearwater Fl. DO NOT USE THEM EVER.

HERE’S ANOTHER tale of how some of these people who do estate sales are flaky and very indecisive and sell nothing but junk and act like it.   You should see the junk that they are trying to pass off as “Antiques”.  Did they even pass history in their low high school grad state?  We don’t think so. 

How did I get myself to tell this tale?  I advertised on Craigslist as a Furniture Sale this morning. She pulls up in a white SUV.  She was tentative and could not make up her mind and did not have the required people to haul the stuff away.  If she had viewed the Craigslist ad,  she would have come prepared.

  “My truck is full she said in a sing songy voice,” she said, leaving and complaining that a wasp had bitten her.  So I gave her ice to her fake bite and shoved her on her way.  “I will be back at 2 pm.”    This is after she saw our large house with a pool and more than likely got intimidated by it. 

Sure mac,  Sure.  Two o’clock rolled around no Beth.  What kind of person is this lady who makes an appointment and doesn’t show up?  A bad business person that’s who.

I wanted one last shot at attempting to sell my father in law’s furniture before seriously donating to charity.  So, I should have known better.  But I am getting smarter .  I gave this lady a deadline. 

So,  now it is 4:32 pm and she still has not called back.  My hub the lawyer has left two messages and she still has yet to call back.  Not to return someone’s messages in business and worklife shows that you are incompetent and insecure and do not have any business savvy. 

Here’s who this is: 

Take a look:   MOST OF IT IS ABSOLUTE JUNK.    Who pays for this trash?  

Contrast that to the nice  people who were attending last weekend’s Sale.  We did well and made over 100 bucks.  I ended up being forced to refund $20 to a crazy lady who threatened to call the police on our land we own outright. 

Never again. 

They were all  nice until this crazy lady pulled up at the end with a white car and a teenage son with a shaggy haircut.  The lady went peeling through the costume jewelry that I had for sale.  “Is this real gold?”  she asked.    I don’t know,  I said.  “My father-in-law paid a lot of money for that, but I don’t know,”  I said AGAIN.   I said it twice.

“Well, I think it is real gold,”  she said with determination.  I always write here there are people who do not listen and those who do not hear or listen or even know the difference between fact and opinion and how to listen even more.

I then  told her again it is not real gold.  No refunds.   Then it was about 2 pm and I saw her drive back up.  She then demanded money back,  the 20 bucks I sold for the item that was once my father in law’s.  

All this while we were putting junk away.  I should have told her that we were closed and all sales were final.  She was a bully and should have been arrested for trespassing.  She knew it was not gold, but that my FIL had paid a lot of money for it.  She stood there with her hands on hips and yelled “money back money back.”

Psycho buyer.  Today was psycho estate sale lady.  She is not even on Angies List.  I don’t think she is ever ever ever going to be on there.

The other lady from last weekend is on the lost psycho garage sale mine mine mine list. Please find her and send her home home home.

Usually,  I have folks sign a waver that they know and understand there are no refunds and all sales are final.  Usually,  I get a copy and they get a copy and I have someone witness it.

But my printer was still buried in the moving pile and Mt. Boxmore.  I had yet to hook it up.

That’s it folks.   I am more than likely donating next.  All I have to do is live through another two weeks of this when all the paper work goes through and is signed off by the county judge.

I can’t wait.  It is not soon enough for it to all end.

But until then,  the estate lady had until 6:30 pm and no later to call me back.  This was after we waited on a would have been vacation day for most of that day at that matter, for her to go and get a trailer.

There was no trailer only indecision and her spinning her wheels at making ineffective business decisions that well honey,  you are now on my blog here and twitter and facebook. It is not the list of honor but the wall of bad business, lies and shame.

I wouldn’t want to be you.  People read twitter and well, you may not ever be on Angies LIst, but I don’t think you are ever going to be on there. She is not even on LinkedIn.

I have printed the truth.


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