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Welcome to Florida during another one of balmy Winter seasons! This is the season where we enjoy balmy Florida sunsets and sunrises, depending on which side of the state you are on. Weather during December, January, Feb., and March is 40s at night, and 60s and 70s during the day. Residents steer clear of crowded Themeparks during the holidays. We have sense. Don't say we didn't warn you. This is not summertime. Ask a resident how we live here. Answers will be various yet the same. Life is different here than "up north" or "out west". Enjoy the gifts of God, we do!Forget about what you should do and just live and try not to be rigid. The sun is shining. Look up and smile. We do.

RT I am still trying to keep this a Florida recreation and travel blog. But these Catholic conserv Pharisees are my distraction. Here’s a answer letter to blogger Simcha Fisher.

I hope you like my travel blog.  This morning after yesterday and all their miserable child filled banning of Pharisee Catholicism,  I OPENED TO MORE OF THEIR MISERY.  AT LEAST  THEY ARE RESPONDING.    I DO READ MY EMAIL.   I WISH IT WAS MORE ABOUT WHAT LIVING HERE IS LIKE THAN THIS CRAP. 

A SIDE NOTE  THAT must be addressed.   I only DO THIS BLOG FOR SHEER RECREATION AND maybe to allow this group of miserable people to have or take a five minute vacation before changing the next #$%^&* diaper that makes them more Catholic or Christian than me. 

But they are always going to be in their sheer misery because THEY HAVE CHOSEN TO BE THERE.  I will still live here and choose JOY AND GIVING. 

BUT HERE GOES.  ( I ALSO HAVE TO ADMIT THAT I AM NOT PERFECT AND GOT caught in this.) Hopefully this is the last of it and these misery mongers can be cheerful. 

If you write me,  on here it goes.  Warning:  I will do it. 

O YEAH,  I ANSWERED.   I NEED TO WRITE THE USCCB OFFICE OF FAMILY LIFE A LETTER TO STATE the problem of how these people look down on others who do not have kids. 


But here is the letter Simcha wrote and here is my answer.  I hope you enjoy it.  Happy reading.   After this post,  we are going back on the road and stay on stuff that I enjoy.  I do not enjoy this.  It is time to change how you view faith and outreach to others.   Be interdependent!   Teach it to your kids. 

Here goes …..  


On 05/07/14, Damien and Simcha Fisher<> wrote:

Hi, Jeanne –

Thanks for the invite! I don’t travel a lot and have never been to Florida,but I appreciate it.
I gotta ask you to stop using people’s home towns in the comment box. I get that you’re mad, but that could easily be construed as threatening behavior.

 Hello Ms. Fisher:

Glad that you wrote me back.  They don’t have to live there,  if they don’t like it.

We need to address and settle this like mature professionals here.  I invited you.  People who are invited shouldn’t feel threatened.  You’re still invited to dinner whenever you accept.  But the way you are behaving here sounds to me like you are being a bit ungrateful and a bit patronizing.

Please  move on.   I am sick of this.   You need to get over your editor calling you out for this.  I called him out for this and now he is picking you out for his behavior and lack of leadership and willingness to listen.  Hear me out here.  He has never worked in the secular and regular work a day job life.  His only experience has been in the Catholic press.  He has never worked a secular media job, because they wouldn’t stand for this nonsense.

Deal with it.   That  Bill of Rights in the US Consititution guarantees my free speech as much as your religion freedom is guaranteed.  Working with my lawyer husband in the last several years has given me a deep appreciation for the state and federal laws that are built on this.  You need to read the Constitution and be taught how to read it. Take a course in it at a law school.  Will you pass or fail?

Invited?  You would learn something!    You are welcome but still invited.  Be willing to learn.  Be willing to sweat.  You would do that much in church mission work.  We are no longer a church mission.  We have over 100 men in our seminaries here in Florida.  We should shortly be sending men up north — yes,  our priests up north to your dioceses.  That 100 is a conservative number.  Our diocese alone has 40 guys now studying for the priesthood.  We believe in a relationship with a loving Triune God.  Homeschooling is AND HAS NEVER BEEN PART OF THAT EQUATION.  We would like to know who is teaching this homeschooling blasphemy against Catholic schools?   I see what it is doing among the colleagues.  Kids are behind.  They are way behind.  They don’t want to work unless Mommy is there.  And they run wild because no one has watched them. They are often the children of a rebellious ex Exceptional or Special Education parent, who used to be the same way.

If you cannot stand the heat — get out of our Florida and Almighty God’s kitchen.   Summer is coming and it is hot already!  We sweat for God and all that is good.  And we don’t monkey or mess  around.  Mother Angelica used to say Florida was going to be the tail that shakes up the rest of the nation.   It is happening.  We are not perfect but we try.   We know we are bums for all that is good.  We admit it.  I was there in 1978 when at a conference and heard her say it.   I get indignant because here you are and expect us all to laud you for having the kids you do.  Well, ok you made a choice.  You got married young.  Get married young,  you will have multo bambinos.

Again  we are not perfect, but we need to address and settle this like mature professionals here.  Are you a grownup who can do that?   I hope so.  I hope you have had some education beyond high school and can manage a substantiated argument worthy of an essay that could even be juried and be questioned in an academic setting.  I have already done that.  I hope you are a grownup who is raising all those kids.  Otherwise,  we need to examine our options in your situation like we say here.

I CALLED the editor of the NCRegister.  I got sick of  being put down like they are the holier than me. I didn’t have an IVF baby to make myself look good.  Many of those drugs alone cause cancer.  I got married at 34 and 11 months.  They have a holier than thou attitude.  It is awful.  Hey, in regular publishing, it is a good general practice to either call the editor of a publication or write a letter to the editor.  I have 20 years experience as a writer and an editor.  I have even written for the Florida Catholic for 15 years, often while working two other jobs similtaneously.  Several of those stories the CNS picked up and so did the Vatican News radio. I went into Education for the Title One funds to teach inner city kids to fund my Education and be debt free for my undergraduate degree.   I was also a Religion Co-Editor of a secular daily paper and saw just about everything.   I covered and wrote about a lighted cross issue which almost went to the Surpreme Court of the United States.  This was in St. Cloud Florida, near Disney World.  I got into Disney World for free back then.  I got invited to the premiere of the 90s movie “Dick Tracy”.    The list is about 10 pages long.  I did this in my late and mid 20s and did more in my 30s.  At 40 something,  I went back and got a Masters degree from my Alma Mater, Franciscan University during the summers between my teaching years in the secular schools in Florida.  Then there were all these losses of family and friends and a father -in-law who got very sick.

I have been working since 1979.  I will retire when I am 67.  I will have Social Security and a pension of my own.  I don’t have to rely on my husband for that.  I made a choice to have that.  I worked for over 40 plus years.

I have been there and done that.  I know what bad behavior is.  I also know people who cannot take criticism.  Fine.  You don’t like Florida,  then don’t come here.  If you can’t stand the heat — that sweet 90 degree heat — stay away from us and our kitchens.   It won’t be a fight.  Freeze.  You made a choice but don’t be bitter about it.

And don’t come on vacation here.  No place is perfect for you.  Most of you criticize your own parishes.  I called and I checked like a good journalist.  Get pissed — no one cares.  People answer the phone.  That is a choice.  They were nice and tell us that most of you are up front shy and on one hand,  but under your breath,  you are mean and snippy.  “Good and holy priests and good and holy church leaders” is what you all say, but you are insecure about whether or not God who is good loves you and whether or not you are worthy of anyone loving you. That is why you all close in and stay away in your hovels. Isolationism at worst caused by fear mongering and lots of Fox News.

Why are you all in panic?  If you live here,  for most,  we love it here.  If you are miserable and don’t like a five minute vacation reading my blog,  don’t.  God gave us gifts and gave us our wonderful state here and all this sunshine and natural resources.   Be mean and miserable.  Stay that way.  It doesn’t sell books, honey.  Your children and others are not going to like you.  I am speaking to all of you who are like this,  not just the Fisher family.

I could be that way.  I have had a lot of reasons to be that way.  I made a choice not to do so this past Lenten and Easter season and Passover.  (*My great grampy was Jewish.)

I have other things to do like settle an estate of a Father in law who died back in November.   I am married 16 years and going on our annual anniversary trip next week to renew our wedding vows before one of the priests who is now at the Florida seminary.  It will be a grace filled trip.   And it has been a long 16 years of loss and more grace.

Now let’s settle this.   I am furious.  I am sick of having to deal with all the loss that I have had to deal with. TOP THIS LAST YEAR WITH OTHER LOSSES.  I AM NOT pouring it on thick, but telling the truth.

It is selfish and foul to say that I am threatening.  Come down here and FIND OUT. I am  one of many.  We put up with self righteous religious people like you who are religious EXHIBITIONISTS.  I AM  writing this full throttle.  MOST FLORIDIANS ON BOTH COASTS AND IN THE INTERIOR SECTION AND THE PANHANDLE ARE WELCOMING TO YOUR FACE.  But inside we are sick of the garbage that you all come down here with day after day.  Don’t think they don’t hear you say,  “you are Satan and Liberal in the same whispering breath as you go back to your church pew after you take  ‘Communion properly your way on the tonnnngue’.      Truth is :  We know you call us the devil and every sort of vile evil on the way home in your mini vans.   And most of us know and see that your kids are often not well behaved.

They don’t not say “yes ma’am and no sir” like our southern kids here.

Wear that lace veil.  You cannot hide under it.  We hear you.   We see you smirk.  Trust us, we do.  What psycho reason do you have for wanting to stick out like a religious exhibitionist tourist who we can clearly see DOES NOT HAVE true peace because they are way more than nervous doing what they are doing.   You stick out.  Your kids do too when you all are here.  Your kids want to escape the overbearing mother who has nagged her spouse to be here, if he is still here.  It is often not a pretty sight.  Being a Pharisee Catholic takes work.

Nice of you to visit BUT  it is sad you cannot take into consideration that we live a very different life here.  It is a good wonderful life of faith and all good but THE CULTURE IS DIFFERENT AND YOU WILL HAVE TO ADAPT BECAUSE OF THE HEAT OF THE DAY AND THE CULTURE.  No bitching allowed.  There I wrote it.   All we here when you come here is bitching under your breath.  We hear it.  We know you do it.

I am sick of the attitude north of here.  Now you have hit a nerve.  I am not going to stop.

How many people have you lost in the last year?  Let’s blow the truth in here.  The truth can suck, but it is the truth and I am willing to let the bad air out here and let it ride.  I,  Jeanne aka @stark61555 ,  J Stark  et al…  have lost 3 close friends from school days,  2 aunts,  one nice uncle and another close family friend and …. AND A ULTRA KIND FATHER IN LAW IN THE LAST YEAR WHO LEFT US A HOUSE AND A MESSY NEED FOR REPAIRS.    I AM SICK OF FUNERALS.  I AM SICK OF DEALING WITH THE RELATIVES OF THESE PEOPLE. 

Just because I don’t have kids does not mean that my sacrament of Holy Matrimony doesn’t fly on the level of yours.   I promise that something is going to be done about the attitudes you holier than thou women have on the blogsphere in the Catholic world.  NOT EVERYONE IS ON THE PILL.   YOU HAVE DISRUPTED LIVES  WITH YOUR SELF RIGHTEOUS BEHAVIOR.  SOME OF US AND MANY OF US MADE THE RIGHT CHOICES BEFORE WE HAD TO GO TO CONFESSION    

Got that?    

I invited you.  You write like you are holier than thou.

You are the threatened?  Sorry but I haven’t been out of Florida in the rest of the USA since 2008.  Sorry but others don’t buy it. Your power is threatened?  How about what you can do?  You should have thought   Sorry but I don’t buy it.  You have never been here.

I could tell you to call me.  But come visit and see for yourself.  But to really visit our state, you are going to have to do this like a serious Florida resident.  You would have to do it OUR WAY.

That is going to be funny to watch you nervously try to do that.   We are not nervous.  This is why we get discounts here as Florida residents.

It is no lie.  Try and get down here.  But don’t expect wild wild wild like the Jersey Shore and Vinny doing a dance on the Grand Strand, SC  because he couldn’t get a room at Daytona.  Our Daytona is quiet compared to Wildwood.   Most of our beaches don’t have people on them.  You can pray or meditate on them.

You know alls know nothing about our lives here.  I hope my blog gives an impression of something good and something deeper.  I try and accent the positive life here.  Put the sunscreen on and pour yourself something and try to read the blog like you are on vacation and maybe live here for five minutes.   You can always go home to the living room or outside to the cold town you live in.

Answer one last thing, please.  I grew up here.  After work or school we always went somewhere or out to eat.  That was a given a few times a week.  What do you all do after work or school for recreation?  My point: we just have more of it.  This makes us happier.  Please answer that.

Meanwhile,  I have to go and meet with another estate sale dealer to comply with Pop in law’s Last Will and for another part of his collection to be sold.  It is a long ride and I don’t have time for all this nonsense and whiny people.

Simcha,  I tried.  Journalism and all Writing teachers at Franciscan and other places taught me to ask how to improve my outreach to other people to answer questions.  Good writing is not about how holy you are.  Tell a story.  Read Stunk and White.  Read books about writing and story telling.   Write in the first person and use literary techniques.  Read beyond your comfort zone and read other cultures books.  We are required to read the Quran at Franciscan,  and Siddartha there too.   We are required to be open minded but steady in our faith.   No one there homeschools anymore.  I know this.

Simcha,  I tried.  God has you. I don’t have to pray for you, but I will.   All that is good loves you.   I pray for your professional growth.  I hope for your good and that you will know being Catholic is not just about having kids.   It is about growing up in all that is good and reaching out from that good.   It is about listening inside to what is truly good and using that for your professional and personal life.

Peace and a shout out to you!  Come and see us but do it our way.  We will give you a set of tank tops to endure the heat if you show up.   I may even throw in a few pairs of flips and a hair tie if you do!


JEANNE in Tampa.

ps.  I am cc’ing my entire blog and every one else on it.  Move on.   I go by the rule it is out there,  get over it.  You emailed me .   I was making plans to go to a meeting for this estate and getting ready to get bids on renovations for this house of ours to sell.  Also,  I am working on my own writing and consulting events.


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