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Welcome to Florida during another one of balmy Winter seasons! This is the season where we enjoy balmy Florida sunsets and sunrises, depending on which side of the state you are on. Weather during December, January, Feb., and March is 40s at night, and 60s and 70s during the day. Residents steer clear of crowded Themeparks during the holidays. We have sense. Don't say we didn't warn you. This is not summertime. Ask a resident how we live here. Answers will be various yet the same. Life is different here than "up north" or "out west". Enjoy the gifts of God, we do!Forget about what you should do and just live and try not to be rigid. The sun is shining. Look up and smile. We do.

Good bye to an old washer that was free. A new stage in a 15.5 year marriage and a 24 year relationship with my best friend and husband. Now on to clean the mess in this closet.


We just spent $1809.88 for a new Frigidaire front loading washer dryer.  It was the second biggest purchase we have ever made together.

It took forever, but the new one bundle will be delivered Saturday.  It won’t be the expensive colored one, but the white one which is cheaper.  It has steam which means I shouldn’t have to iron a millon hours.  Yeah Yehah  yeeeee ha….!

The other ones were cars.  All of those have been used. I took some good advice.  Before my 90+ step gramp died,  he,  the retired stock broker sales dude told me “don’t you dare buy a house now.”  He said they are planning to bleep everyone.  And this was back in ’99.  This was a guy who survived the Crash of 29 and the Great Depression.   “Don’t go into debt for any reason,” he said.   They doing this to pay their debt to China.  We owe them a zillion bucks for not invading us.

This machine was made in the USA.  Check.  I just could not buy Korean.  I bought American.  My other one lasted 30 years combo time in all.

I am not supposed to write this, but I had to keep giving this washer to someone who needed it.  I gave it to a charity that helps young families starting or struggling.

Good bye to an old washer that was free and given to us when we first got married in 1998.  This old washer served us well and kept us from getting into debt.  . A new stage in a 15.5 year marriage and a 24 year relationship with my best friend and husband. Now on to clean the mess in this closet.

We weren’t too happy about spending the money,  but we said oh well, on not getting a vacation and just got something we needed on the long term.   Besides,  I know people who manage resorts and get a cut rate because of it and the fact that I am a Florida resident and a AAA member.   We never spend more than 700 on a vacation.  The most we both have ever spent is $1300 for a cruise and that was a real splurge.  We are on a savings cash only basis that screams budget budget.

So Saturday the bundle gets delivered and I finally get to have clean clothes again without spending $50 bucks to clean everything just so in the local coin laundry, which is what we have been doing since before Christmas. TRust me, Santa and Mrs. Claus and Mr and Mrs Turkey was rattled BIG.  But that didn’t help.  All the yelling in the world didn’t fix it because we still had to wait a whole entire month.  No,  my hub said.  We are not using a 12% credit card and the interest, yes, sucks.

And being that it has steam NO MORE EXTENSIVE IRONING!  And being that I was patient and made that yeah yeah I hate this… choice…. we don’t have to pay for it on a credit card.  It was nice to hand the local appliance store the cash and smile that my Christmas and other things I wanted was less.  Now my wash is better.  I am smiling.

Good.  But my faith in the good and what has been has not changed.  I choose not to be rattled until then.  I choose maturity.  I choose responsible behavior and another good choice not to use people and be superficial, but real.

Hey readers: wait until you see the before and after mess in the washer dryer closet.  Not that it matters but it is going to be nice to have a clean closet and the vent for the dryer cleaned out before the new bundle gets delivered.

And at least I can do it in clean clothes that have been steamed in the dryer and the washer.

I am cheering.  Will someone spray the Lysol?  The mold from all the cold and Florida winter rain is annoying.  However God the Divine and Loving Father is the same.

I think it is time to be aware of that.   That is a choice also.  But isn’t that maturity with clean towels and clean clothes?

I think so.

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I am a middle aged lady who is married 16 years. I grew up here in the Tampa Bay area. I am from NYC and LongIsland. I met my Chicago husband here. We have many adventures here and consider most viewpoints and love dialogue on all topics. Dialogue brings understanding and understanding brings hope.

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