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Welcome to Florida during another one of balmy Winter seasons! This is the season where we enjoy balmy Florida sunsets and sunrises, depending on which side of the state you are on. Weather during December, January, Feb., and March is 40s at night, and 60s and 70s during the day. Residents steer clear of crowded Themeparks during the holidays. We have sense. Don't say we didn't warn you. This is not summertime. Ask a resident how we live here. Answers will be various yet the same. Life is different here than "up north" or "out west". Enjoy the gifts of God, we do!Forget about what you should do and just live and try not to be rigid. The sun is shining. Look up and smile. We do.

Attn all Bishops and Clergy: the NC Register Editor called me personally this AM. How nice of them! He called to say I was no longer “excommunicated off their comment board list.” How nice of him. My thoughts on this to my readers of 10 years.

Connecticut called Florida this morning.  I answered the phone with courtesy.   It is October and it is almost   tourist season.  Everyone wants to either phone south or come south.  It is getting cold up north and they need to respond to this.

I half expected this and died of inside laughter.  See the letter at the end that made it happen.  I am not sorry I posted this here.  It’s my MY MY BLOG AND I CAN POST IF I BLEEPING WELL PLEASE. AND NO FREAKN’ WAY DO I HAVE TO CONFESS  THIS.  I WILL NEVER HAVE TO CONFESS THIS.   I rarely say anything that is really anti-church.

Tom Wehner,  the NC Register Editor called me personally this morning. How nice of him. He called to say I was no longer “excommunicated off their comment board list.”   And that ” you made some valid points” .  But,  “the blogger flagged you for being unorthodox.”  

Now,  thinking about it this,  it makes me seriously want to call Washington D.C.  and USCCB conference to discuss this.  There needs to be a discussion of the attitudes of the so called orthodox media, who on more than one occasion carry a tone of  sheer pride for no reason.

The tone of my answer was “who in the world are you to excommunicate me”?  I am not excommunicated.  My local bishop in St. Petersburg did not excommunicate me.  Who are you to say that?  I should have told him that Bishop Lynch here was not informed of this alleged excommunication.  Neither were any of the others in the state of Florida,  the SE USA or nationally or the world. 

Have they called Pope Francis or Cardinal Ouellet about this?   We should have asked that.  It is not funny.

How nice of him to put me back on this comment board.   I am fair.  I listened.  Who are they to judge?  And while we may have a shutdown of the Federal government,   WE STILL HAVE A FREE PRESS.  I am not unreasonable.  I am a Floridian.  We see it all here. We don’t miss much.  We are, however, a bit sick of the pride in the Roman Catholic Church. It says,  “I am better,  you are scum.”  But “you are a uhhh good Catholic” ,  meaning you are a plebe and scum and reader scum in good standing.  

But w e like you and well,  I am still maybe better than you and “well let’s not go off on a tangent  And maybe one of the bloggers flagged you  AS SPAM. ” 

I TOLD HIM I WAS NOT HONORED BY THIS.  AND WHY DO YOU ALL AT EWTN lean toward one side of responsible reporting?  What is the problem?   You don’t have to tell me,  but you may want to consider reporting both sides of the story in a clear fashion? I almost asked why don’t they have press credentials at the White House? And I almost asked why was he moving south when he lived in New England?

My guess was that the Catholic Digest is there and well, readers you know where that magazine went here. I should have asked why not stick with Twitter or Facebook?  And were you connected to Faith and Family Live? For now,  they ‘re no longer in existence.  Those undocumented homeschooling ladies were off the charts of strange and had to go elsewhere. But I was fair and listened as he told me to keep it on topic. So,  I will .

But fair is fair and if I want it will go on here.  God help you if I quote something like the Bible or the Catechism AND THEY BAN ME.


I did that several times before.    Faith and family Live  and Catholic Digest  banned me for referring to Pope Francis.  They banned me for quoting the Pope. But I listened.  I am nice, mostly.  I tried to listen.   I am trying to be nice.  Trust me.   Please trust me and smile about this. But stay tuned to see what they call UNORTHODOX.  I KNOW there are bishops and clergy who read this. Got that? ******************************************************************************************\

Wednesday, Oct 9 at 4:44 PM
From:Jeanne and Scott Stark <>
Subject:Important: Tell me why was I a two time Franciscan University grad banned?
I do hope this finds you well today. I am writing to ask why my email address is
banned on the NCRegister comment boards. It started when I made reasonable comments and not the long
treatises that this IamNotSpartacus made. This person “spartacus” goes on and on against the church and I
Why didn’t this person get banned. 
Again, I made a comment bout how judgemental Pat Archbold was. I GOT BANNED. THIS IS AWFUL. 
Being a two time Franciscan University graduate, I am reasonable enough to allow you to answer and give
comment as to what your “reason” is for allowing this or mandating this. 
I have have just as much or more experience than you all do and am now about to start working on a Ph.D in
Composition and Rhetoric here in Tampa, Florida. I have a B.A. in English/ Mass Communications ’85 and a 
Master of Science in Education 08 Winter from Franciscan University of Steubenville. I have lived in Tampa,
for the past 40 years. I grew up here. I am a validly baptised Catholic and am very active in our community
My husband is a Tampa attorney. I have worked in our local area in the area of news and education. I am a
leader in my field here. My cousin the late Fr. Gus Donegan, TOR was a Leader/Servant in his order in
Steubenville, Oh. He and Fr. Scanlan TOR introduced me to Pope John Paul II, then Cardinal Karol when I was
6 when he visited New York. 
I am not some nobody. I do not appreciate being treated as such. My baptismal certificate was not purchased
in KMart. I have had a blog for the past 10 years. 
I am sure that you are a reasonable professional to take this “ban” off and allow me to comment. 
Please contact me here via email as to your “reason” for this. 
Again, I am sure you have a very over orthodox reason, but what is it? You obviously didn’t know who I am. 
I am requesting you take the ban off. I had to personally email Ms. Fischer to tell her I liked her blog. 
Please take the ban off. Thank you. 
Jeanne Diener-Stark, M.S. 
813 835-0190

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Re: Important: Tell me why was I a two time Franciscan University grad banned?
Dear Jeanne
Thank you for your note. I don’t handle these things but I am aware that mistakes can happen and that technology, being a product of fallen creatures, can cause problems as well. I have copied our Managing Editor, Tom Wehner, so he can look into the situation.
Yours in Christ,
Dan Burke
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Read: Important: Tell me why was I a two time Franciscan University grad banned?
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