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After my “cough cough 4 year campaign”, the Catholic Digest comment board is GONE!!!!!!!! They are finally gone. Get out of the house now, ladies. Meet people.

I did it.  Yeah I did it.  I think there was an exorcism this morning of the over the top Catholics who tell everyone else “you are wrong.”   

What’s this all about?  It is a long story readers.  If you are new to my 10 year old blog here goes.   Here is the condensed version.  

First they were the now defunct Faithand family live, once owned  by the sex scandal ridden Legionaires.  Then after my cough cough campaign to get rid of these cult like over the top conservatives aka them,  they were done for about near two years ago.   So the Circle Media, cough cough,  folks aka the sex scandaled Legionaires, WERE SOLD OFF PIECE BY PIECE TO PAY HUSH MONEY TO THE VICTIMS OF THE PRIEST SEX SCANDAL.   Ewtn Catholic Network bought the NCRegister, which used to run with the Faith and Family live blog, which was run by ultra weirdo Catholics who had the point of view that not even the current Pope was doing it right.  

But here’s the kicker:  the over the top trying to be moderate occasionally to appeal to the normal churchgoer EWTN WOULDN’T EVEN TOUCH OR DANCE WITH THIS BLOG.  THEY THREW THEM UNDER THE BUS, SO AS NOT TO BE NEAR THEM, AND THEIR POCKS OF THE SEX SCANDAL AND for whatever other reason or point I can only chuckle at.

Most of the leaders at the Faith and Family Live  did not believe the priests convicted were guilty.  Most were into canning or wearing Catholic modest clothing and other over the top behaviors that had nothing to do with real Church teaching.  Most of these women were isolationist doomsday preppers or close to it.  Eighty percent did not send their kids to a local school. Most homeschooled.  They talked about the USCCB BEHIND THEIR BACKS.      They talked about priests behind their backs.

So I read it.  Ok,  it was ok at first.  Then they went overboard on somethings that they do not go overboard at your average “I work 40 hours a week and try to believe in a God in a Catholic Church and help the needy parish”.   So on I went to show my support for diversity and normal pew Catholicism that is alive and well and supporting the homeless and doing good works  in Tampa Bay, Florida.  

Then, there was a poll about schooling of children.  It was not scientific but a mere indicator of beliefs or a sampling of what they believed or were doing.  A near 50 percent of the mothers were homeschooling and did not believe or teach their kids the Bible or the real current Catechism.

I complained.  I complained everywhere.   “THis is not normal for kids to be isolated like this from the rest of the Catholic Church or their community,” I wrote.

Then, I started getting banned shortly after the last of the sex scandal broke in 2005 or 2006.  Then,   I went to Graduate Education school at Franciscan.  I was pissed.   I do not wear kick me signs on my ass.  I do not take it sitting down.   Being I have this blog,  I used it.   Every time they banned me for any reason,  I copied the whole day’s postings or relevant postings involving me or any possible conversation that was banned.   I kept this up for a long time.  This started to happen at the end of Graduate Education school during my summers 06, 07, 08,   at Franciscan and afterwards. 


Why were they banning me?  I often quoted Scripture,  the Catechism and other saintly stuff that any normal human would use as an inspiration.  There was even one post that said we should be nice to Islamic people in an Ecumenical manner.  THEY BANNED ME THERE AND AFTER THAT I COULD NEVER POST FOR WEEKS.    I GOT NASTY A FEW TIMES BACK.  YEAH, I DID.  I ADMIT IT.  MUST BE OKAY.  THEY ARE DOING IT.   THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE THE AHEM: THE POPE GOD AND JESUS CHRIST.   


THEY WERE ALSO JEALOUS OF MY FLORIDA RESIDENCY.  UNDERSTANDABLE, BUT YOU ALL COULD MOVE HERE AND get to be ruled by all of us.  You would have to adapt and that might be tough for you all, who are damn perfectionistas and have to tell the rest of the world what to do and micromanage in the sweating heat.  That takes work.   And don’t forget you have to sweat a bucket for your penance like we do.

Most are very against the real Church and a real kind of faith that asks for a personal relationship with people and a Creator God who made them.  It was all about socializing online for women who were scared or suspicious of everyone else.  That is no way to be — ever.  

Oh yeah,  and whenever I talked about or even typed the word, “beach or car ride or the word, Florida”,  you could count on me getting banned for no reason. The two comment board moderators, once Danielle Bean, or the last moderator,  Ms Rebecca Teti.  Teti of Maryland or the Washington D.C. area were not even nice initially when I wrote them personally.   In the last letter to Ms. Teti to complain and question as to the reason why I was being banned for no good reason, even after quoting Scripture and Church teachings, I received a very patronizing answer that was on the border of “I am better than you, so screw you and I am not going to allow what the Catholic Church teaches into my home.”  She also said “these women need to vent”.  That was after  I complained that these women need professional help for their marriages.  I asked her in the letter, “do you have that kind of licensed therapist here”?  

Well the Catholic Digest does.  they have a Dr. June, Ph.D.  I have read a few of her postings.  They are mostly good.  It was what these women need, not an aimless comment board where they ban at random.  I hope they pay her.

 As for Ms. Teti,  learn what the Roman Catholic church teaches and take off that kick me sign off your back and move on.  You deserve better.  O yeah,  read the book, Lean In.   It is a good book. You may learn something from it.  Don’t ever take just a little jayyy uuuuub like moderator again,  unless you are a therapist.    She can do better.  She needs to learn that.  She also needs to skip being a moderator because smart asses like me are THERE. 

After being banned even further,   I went in the background and started my campaign in the background to tell Catholic Church leaders to wise up to what this awful  national blog was about here.  

AGAIN,  THEY BANNED ME WHEN I QUOTED 1 COR 13,  THE LOVE CHAPTER.   THEY WEREN’T HAPPY AND NEITHER WAS I.   THE FLORIDA CHURCH KICKED THE DOO DOO UP AND well,  the influence of  Church leaders,  cough cough,  is high among the USCCB.  Not only that but my former pastor is in contact with them.   I owe him dinner now.   I owe the Seven Giants of the Florida USCCB  dioceses royal too.   It may get expensive.  It may get very expensive.  How about dessert, my Florida spiritual fathers?    

If you only prayed and did nothing,  just smile and go cough cough.    Y’all down here rock.  You all kick bleep on a daily basis to put up with the regular sunscreen population of the Florida church, and the tourists who whine and moan and bleep all day and all night how you do nothing right.  

My advice:   flood their blogs with cutting and pasting of the truth.  Do it over and over again.  Make it difficult for them  to back up what they did.  

What did I do?  I in a sense did just that over and over and over again.  I knew what they stood for in a true sense.  They are not for you all.  Nor  are they for what they say they are for in a very true sense.  

It is too hot here to take any meandering cow crap.  It smells too icky in this dang heat that God willed for us.  THINGS THAT are not true smell bad here in Tampa and all over Florida.  The hotter it is the more they smell.   

As to what am I going to do now?   Well,  if there are more,  I will be there.  If they prairie dog their heads back up in another place and persecute others with their awful coercion that says,  “I am better than you and you are dirt because you do not kneel or whatever like us,”   it can be dealt with.  I am not afraid of you and neither is the rest of the real normal Church of  Christ Jesus, Protestant or Catholic  or otherwise.  Your cult like behavior is not ever going to be tolerated.  

So type in these two addresses as proof that this comment board as of my knowledge and as of 2:07 pm on this date of this posting:   and    

This Church is universal and well,  that means diverse.  But when they took the turn to start banning folks like me who quoted the current Catholic Catechism and no longer support Catholic schools and question the local Religious Ed at the parish level to the point that they are always right and everyone else 

THEY ARE GONE.   GONE GONE GONE GONE.    And I am smiling today.    Nice going Blessed John Paul II and Blessed John XXIII, I asked for their intercession.   

They are gone.   It is over for anyone who bans me other otherwise at Catholic Digest,  an otherwise nice magazine that could be better. 

Nice job leaders.   Who ever did this,  I owe you.  It is a small thing to please smart bleeps like us.  

Thank you.


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