Find Me in Florida Again.

Welcome to Florida during another one of our balmy and sunny Autumns here in Florida. There are no orange leaves but this is the season where there are oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit and other citrus. This is the season when temperatures are in the low 80s. This is a subtle season before the real tourists show up and the hotel and theme parks are crowded. Floridians visit near empty theme parks now. Beaches and springs are near empty for us. Life here is a gift from God. It is different than other places. Remember that. Always remember and enjoy that. We have no frost or snow now. That's fine for us.

Don’t shoot the messenger of truth: but here is what is going on in the church south of here. Read this. They need your thoughts and prayers. :)








NOwhere is perfect,  but the even the Florida church has its problems even with all its growth. 

Regarding Ave Maria:  in my humble opinion,  they are not normal.  They have polarized south of here.  I used to live in LaBelle Florida and I think that whole area can do better.  There is so much poverty south of them with the migrant workers.  AMU is even more conservative than my Alma Mater and it is in the middle of no where.   And being that I have lived in Florida for over 40 years,  it is in the middle of no where.   It was cheap land that the farmers didn’t want and then subsequently KICKED THE MIGRANTS OFF to build their utopia that screams “lookie lookie me”.    Sorry but Mr. Tom’s viewpoint lacks common sense,  a serious relationship with the Divine that is forced,  and has no NO BALANCE. 

I don’t respect many of those so called pro-life people.

On a personal note,  I know this too well.  Those people are pushing and have no serious relationship with a Divine Father that loves them.  It is a one way street that is oppressive and a smacks of a work camp of perfection and appearances to save their dirty faces of accusation and insult.  These people tout loyal to Magisterium yet they do not know what a real Sacramental marriage is.   Getting married after having a baby would be grounds for an annulment in the Roman Catholic Church.  

These people told my 20 year old cousin to have her baby. So, she did.  He is a sweetie and about to hit his first birthday.   But she didn’t marry his Father.  But they are pushing — still pushing her into a life that freedom dictates where she should not go.  These same idiots don’t want people to have freedom that comes from a  spiritual relationship with a God who loves them. That demands too much.   It is all about exterior b.s. with them. 

Cousin wants the real thing.  I admire her for that.  It took guts to do what she did.  She told them off.  Wait until I get to her town and tell those clods off.  They have it coming to them. I don’t care what any churchman would tell me about their cruelty.  They are cruel  to me.  I may even film it when I do.  It could go viral. 

So here I am home after a long jaunt around the state.  I cannot wait until the next one which more than likely involves visiting a spring and the northern part of the state in what we call the Big Bend area or the Panhandle. 

I guess I am going to have the guts to move on and do what I have to do now.  I guess I am going to have to look to the cross and realize the truth of that. 

Meanwhile,  O dear God let these folks south of us get it together.  I was with them once upon a time when I first became an adult.









Here are pictures from the way back home. We stopped at the Jupiter Lighthouse and the Desert Inn at Yeehaw Junction.





I thought of you all here.    See below.   







The bottom  line is this. Everyone else had a vacation but us this year.  This was for three days and costs $350 bucks.   That was meals and gas included.   No frills.  We did stay at the Doubletree and had a junior suite with a breakfast the second day.   We are not extravagant.  No credit cards that we would have to pay off were used.  We now still have no credit card bills,  thanks to all those garage sales we had this summer.  

O yeah,  it rained all the way home while driving back to Tampa Bay.  It was a non stop thunder and lightening storm Florida style.   

I promise to film that next time.   


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