Find Me in Florida Again.

Welcome to Florida during another one of our 90 Degree Summers we endure to get a discount at Walt Disney World and other theme parks. This is the time of the year we have the whole humid state to ourselves. We are people of endurance. We endure the heat and the whiney tourists who clog our roads. But most of us agree, not having a snowy winter and the mud afterward is better than anything. Not shoveling snow is one gift WE CHOSE FROM God. Thanks.

So, call around because my mother-in-law had a piece of artwork but I want to get a price. I just love when southern idiots decide to be rude.

I have lived here for 40 years. I have seen my share of Bubbas Vinnies and all those kind of people. Daddy to call them ignorant!

So, it was lunchtime so I called a very well-known gallery in St. Petersburg Florida. I figured I could have it appraised. I saw the same piece for about about $ 6,000 years ago. Mine is in better condition.

Myers Gallery in St. Petersburg!. The complete smart ass he was. He gets on the phone and says “I’m over 65 I don’t remember.’ I say well I guess I got guess you don’t remember I can call my friends in New York. He says, “I am in New York “. Me I don’t think so.

Another calling a bottom feeder. Yeah, what a jerk!!!

Mary, Star of the Sea: Camping on Key West


I COULDA WOULDA TOLD THIS FAMILY NOT NOT NOT TO CAMP IN 90 DEGREE SUMMER HEAT. But noooo, I doubt if they would have listened. Unbelievable!

Here’s what I posted. Don’t know if she’ll post it but here’s what I posted.

I HAVE LIVED IN FLA for 40+ years. We went camping on Anclote Key/Island in 1977 Memorial Day. You can only get there by boat. When we as a couple were there in 09, we went to Ft. Jefferson on te Dry Tortugas National Park. It costs $150 a person to get there. It was a day splurge and a bucket list item. You can camp primitive there, but there are rats and we chose not to do so. The no seeums are very bad on most beaches. Better to check in with a AAA card at the local Wyndam hotel. Priceline is the best way to go. Don’t camp in the summer == that’s Florida 101. Did your kids get eaten alive on the beach? We could have told you that is how it is. Also Ft Myers beach is cheaper and more fun. They have a sunset celebration at night — every night at 7 ish. Kids get to see clowns and shows. Best to try that. OH Bahia Honda state park has sleep 6 cabins for about $125 a night now. Woulda coulda told you about that too. They sleep more and is AC’d.

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210We got back last night from our 4 day/3 night trip to Key West.  Three nights in a tent is a PR (personal record) for me, I’m sure.  I like the **idea** of camping, but the reality is less appealing.  Even Bill remarked that my fuse gets pretty short while camping, which is his polite way of saying that I have no fuse at all.  As I told one of my daughters, while on this trip, “It’s all about being at peace with dirt.  The amount of fun you have is directly related to how dirty you are willing to be.”  I then looked at my husband and told him, with a forced smile, that I was doing a pretty good job of being at peace with the dirt.  He just shook his head.  It’s all relative.  I did better than when we camped in Missouri in 2007.


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