Welcome to Florida during our version oF early Springtime 2014. This is the time of the year where we literally wait for cold fronts in the morning. Most of us don't look forward to the long hot 90 degree summer, only 10 weeks awsy. But we are counting down until the tourists leave around Easter time. They cause traffic jams. Normal is different here. Disney is $123 for three days for real Fla residents. See the gifts of God everywhere in life.

My life after Easter: now I have to get ready for an estate sale after my father-in-law’s death in November

So how many flyers am I going to put out today? I need to get a hold of everyone who knew my father-in-law Harry. This means going to around all the places in his town that knew him: the VFW, and other clubs– people who knew him.

And then there’s the issue of explaining something. I have to explain that a garage sale at an estate sale are two different things. Because that they have a regular garage sale because he was 87 when he died. Most of the time people would discard just about anything that someone has accumulated and market it cheaper than it should be. That’s why there’s a lot of 50 Cent. items that many garage sales have after someone dies.

When you go to a museum, you don’t see stuff from the era when these people lived. Everyone sold it for $.50 and they got rid of it and it is up in the trashcan. That’s why I decided to try not to accumulate a lot of things. When I go, my notes have instructions on how to read them. Will
be no doubt as to what to do with them.

So, here I go this morning to everywhere. So you say what you do for a job? I was on sabbatical after enduring my husband’s illness with diabetic nonsense. Then, it was entering my father-in-law’s illness just as I was about to start a contract job. Round-the-clock is what it took to take care of both of them. I mean take care of them. They needed medicine things at the store. It was just that I love during work hours so I passed on that contract. I wasn’t hurting and didn’t need the money right off the bat. I have a lot of years work experience. I’m shaking my head because even after 30 years, some things are more important: people in your family.

Now, my husband has survived his bout with diabetes. But, my father-in-law is gone. But it never fails, people do ask that question. Hopefully after this nightmare of the house and taking care of the house and selling the house is over, I can go on to my other aspirations. I was teaching from quite a while and writing for quite a while for many years. I’m a serious writer in more ways than one. And I hope possibly to go on for doctoral degree. Why not?

But let’s take care of this estate sale! Need to get the word out around here. But then there are a lot of people say could you just do that on Saturday? No they don’t know that after the sale on Friday and Saturday we’ll make more than most people make all week! Another thing I hear — isn’t it a glorified garage sale? No, it is not. Garage sales have junk my pop in law did not.

That’s why this is important. So, after this, my husband and I – we are going to be celebrating our anniversary soon. But I’ll talk about that later. That’s going to be a great travel entry into this blog. I can’t wait to show you all! Stay tuned because it involves all the south Florida attractions.

After the sale this weekend, I would like to turn this blog into more of blog and word about literature and travel. It is. After it is all almost 11 years old. I want to move on from ultraconservative Catholic garbage. Going to try very hard not to go there!

But I have to ask whether or not anyone should have to deal with the estate of a parent and be the sole survivor in family that has been obliterated, I don’t think that would be a good thing to ask anyone to have to go through at any time. In my case that is the case with my husband’s mother died, his two brothers died and his father died.

Most people of only maybe lost their grandmother. Get it??? Of lost a lot more so has my husband.

So I’ve been helping him. It was a personal decision. I am married & committed. Given the fact I’m not financially hurting in any respect. I have no chosen to do it . I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do: two writing projects. I have to actually finish both — one has 300 pages and the other has about close to 200 depending how I space it.

So, I’m off to the newspaper to put the classified ad in and run around town by traffic I think if you all. What are you doing after Easter?

Oh yeah I need bagels. I’m in list mode. Taking orders of two everybody else wants so, email me and Twitter and let me know. I might deliver in my heart. All this, how I can say I did this entire blog on my iPhone this morning.

Happy Easter 2014 . Our custom is to go to the outside Easter Mass at our parish, Christ the King in South Tampa


My last blog entry was done on an iPhone in my car. I wonder if those in a box ppl could do that? Nah, they lack courage and it’s not proper.

Happy Easter to all my readers welcome to all my new follows.

Well, I made it through Lent. It’s cloudy in Tampa and I made it through Lent!

I think that’s pretty good for a great-granddaughter of a Diener who made who was Jewish. What? That’s right Jewish! Apparently Great Grandma launched 1000 ships with her looks and that’s why he followed her and became Catholic. That’s the story folks or so I’m told. It’s 100-year-old story.

I stayed up all night chasing my dad’s family roots on Ancestry. There’s very interesting stories in some dusty old book in New York City.

My husband of 16 years only met my grandmother my dad’s mom. My grandfather had died and when I was 11 or 10. So, he never got to meet him my grandfather. And my great-grandfather died when I was about four. Yes, I remember him he used to make me laugh. I played. stepdance around his walking cane.

Because of great grandpa I still have some Jewish relatives in New York somewhere. Grandpa used to joke about it—those Jewish relatives up in the Bronx. Before Double G died I remember going up to see them. That is I remember them as the matzoh ball soup eaters of macaroons and all that stuff.

So this is funny after my father-in-law died. I went by the Jewish section in the supermarket. I saw the Jewish egg noodles. Trying to remember what grandma used to say about making Jewish chicken soup. It’s like a recording in my head. I know I can do it.

All this on the Easter vigil? Yeah, I just had to do this. I have a great grandma’s rosaries, the one who launched 1000 ships. That legend looks like my cousins so they tell me I don’t believe them.

I often remember when I was like five Passover and Easter being earlier and later than both of them is sometimes a little bit of next in with each other and there was a lot of courtesy. Actually, you to celebrate on holy Saturday. Right now somewhere in 1967, we would be eating a lot of interesting food.

For one thing, there was a whole lot of hope, not despair spread around. We didn’t worry about who did what correctly. We couldn’t.

And I know I can be negative with a lot of those bloggers. But when I went to lunch today I was thinking. I was thinking about how some of those people celebrate everything in a box. Okay, see you have your beliefs. What really amounts to is this: hope of spring time. And also amounts to this: hope of new life.

We are more than we think we are in less than we are.

I’ve had a long long long year since last Easter. I have lost two friends 2 aunts , one father-in-law, and a few other friends I don’t talk about.

I hope in some way if there is eternal life —there has to be. Somehow Einstein and the theory that time is relative is small to me since there is a divine being, a God who loves us. Take a look around: is the love. But you also see a lot of hate. This negative miss positive. I think we need to choose the positive.

For that part unless I get really pissed again. I mean I’m going to have to be really pissed. I’m going to try very hard post Easter and the rest of this year to stay away from those people show their real negative in a box colors.

That also like to say is that man is small, if you really look how big the universe is. I think we are going to have to get the bigger picture of things here. My great-grandfather chose love above everything else. Not many cousins and others would talk around me about the reaction of why he did what he did. They would say what happened afterwords. But they all showed up the food was served.

Easter and Passover is this: faith, food and love.

I seriously and personally know the meaning of these three words: God is love. One question: doesn’t love motivate?

I think so!

20 bucks was how much this was. Can you all cook at home for cheaper? I can ask


You are in hell if you say I am going. You all are miserable sans chocolate.


Again: I’m eating chocolate dessert now



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